Here are my reading highlights from May 2022. The insights within this month’s reading list provide valuable insights that can be applied to business, economy, and personal growth.

1. BUILD by Tony Fadell

Build By Tony Fadell Book Cover
Build by Tony Fadell


This Is How They Tell Me 
The World Ends By Nicole Perlroth Book Cover
This Is How They Tell Me The World Ends by Nicole Perlroth

3. CORRUPTIBLE by Brian Klaas

Corruptible By Brian Klaas Book Cover
Corruptible by Brian Klaas

4. THE MADNESS OF CROWDS by Douglas Murray

The Madness Of Crowds By Douglas Murray Book Cover
The Madness of Crowds by Douglas Murray

5. CASTE by Isabel Wilkerson

Caste By Isabel Wilkerson Book Cover
Caste by Isabel Wilkerson

6. ALL JOY AND NO FUN by Jennifer Senior

All Joy And No Fun By Jennifer Senior Book Cover
All Joy and No Fun by Jennifer Senior

What Books Are You Reading?

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Beyond This Month’s Reading List

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